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buy Lyrica 150 mgCalifornia Auction Company’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring our clients the very best Public Auction Venue available and in doing so, we help give their Customer-Buyers the very finest, antiques, collectables, reproductions, equipment and liquidation items that are available on the Auction Market today. We invite you to attend all our great event and see for yourself.

Our desire to provide our elite base of antique enthusiasts, business and equipment liquidators and the general public a honest and forthright place to present their wares; and their customers a unique place to shop . . . At Public Auction . . . where they are the ones who set the price. California Auction Co. was created to fill a void in the auction industry.

Buck Watters is determined to establish and operate a honest, fair, and professional auction company in the region. An auction company that has the experience and know how to serve the customer to the highest standards possible in the auction industry. In essence an auction company that treats consignors and customers as they themselves want to be treated.

We are just people who realize that there is a higher calling in life. That higher calling is what guides California Auction Co. to be a professional auction company striving to deliver the best solution for consignors and customers for their situation!

We believe that is what is being delivered to our customers with our continuing education in the auction field.